Family Therapy

As time passes and unfamiliar changes occur, maintaining family balance and harmony can become challenging. For example, when children reach adolescence, the entire household's center of gravity changes, affecting the teen, their parents, and siblings alike.

Change and growth of the family affects all of the domestic relationships. As the family grows, both in age and in size, needs and priorities grow and fluctuate with it. As a result, stress and frustration can build up in all family members, leading to detachment, lapses in communication, and a chaotic family structure.

It is at these moments that it becomes more important than ever for the adults and the children to work together, to be honest about their feelings, to communicate them clearly and amicably, and to make changes to meet each others needs and the greater needs of the household. At Solutions Counseling, family therapy helps families define a flexible and resilient family model, giving choices and boundaries to children and teens, while maintaining the essential strength and support of the parental roles. Family therapy is geared towards improving communication and conflict resolution skills, enhancing empathy among family members, cultivating mutual respect, and empowering all of the family.

Individual Therapy for Adolescents

Teens experience a great deal of change simultaneously in their young lives. Hormones trigger unprecedented physical changes, including sexual consciousness. Their social lives become more complex and less centered around the parental units. Their cognitive and emotional abilities grow as drastically as their bodies, and a more mature sense of self begins to emerge.

Adolescence is characterized by young people exploring their own personal power and the responsibilities that come with that new power. Teens often struggle with how to know their own needs and communicate them assertively, how to resolve conflict peacefully, and how to make beneficial choices.

All of this happens to young adults at once, in a rather short window of time! Individual adolescent therapy entails one-on-one time between the counselor and the teenager, helping teens get a handle on their new personal , Solutions Counseling is dedicated to equipping adolescents with tools and techniques for embracing their growth and transformation in stride. .

Individual Therapy for Adults

Change does not stop at adolescence. Once we reach adulthood the new landscape of emotional autonomy is not so new anymore, but still subject to shocks, challenges, and changes. To stay in balance, an individual must make occasional adjustments.

Individual adult therapy encourages adults to examine personal experiences, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings which may be undermining their own happiness. Through individual adult therapy, Charity helps individuals to identify their problems, break them into manageable parts, and tackle the issues thoroughly and consistently. Individual adult therapy can also help adults find ways to enhance their personal support system and improve relationships with themselves and others.

Some common adult challenges include: Beating depression, Processing and healing after trauma, grief, or loss, Managing anger and anxiety, Finding and cultivating satisfying, healthy intimate relationships, Exploring and embracing major life changes, such as marriage or parenthood, Enhancing self knowledge and communicating your needs clearly and genuinely, Cultivating your empathy, to comprehend what is going on in someone else's mind, Reflecting on what you truly value and formulating realistic ways to live by your values, Changing long held assumptions and trying new behavior, Substance use/abuse, Finding ways to cope with non communicable diseases, HIV , cancer etc


Workplace counseling is therapy offered to employees of a company, often through an employee assistance program, that provides employees with a safe place to discuss any issues that they’re struggling with.

A counseling service offered by Solutions Counselling often includes both one on one counselling as well as group therapy. Because workplace counseling is short-term, the focus of the counseling sessions is on problem-solving. We help clients implement solutions to the issues in their lives or develop more effective ways of coping with challenges.

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