Solutions Counselling




My name is Charity Maruva and I am a therapist. I have been providing therapeutic services to children, teens, adults and families for 13 years now. I have specialty certification in Community Health Psychology as well as Systematic Therapy. My counselling experience prior to private practice includes working with children and families both as a counselor and trainer.

I have a holistic view towards achieving mental resilience and personal growth. This approach is applied according to my clients’ interests, by harnessing their strengths to assist themselves in self-development and growth. I use different therapeutic tools based on theory, for each client because there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to counselling and life coaching. Counselling is a collaborative process where the role of the counsellor is to guide, mentor and assist the client according to his or her needs.

I believe that once people start to view their issues in different, more helpful ways, they usually start to gain more awareness of how they were approaching situations before. I hold the belief that people have the capacity to unlock their issues by exploring the decisions they have made and potential decisions about the future.